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SubjectRE: Linus Speaks About KDE-Bashing

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> []On Behalf Of Linus Torvalds
> Sent: Sunday, July 12, 1998 8:15 AM
> To: Alan Cox
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> Subject: Re: Linus Speaks About KDE-Bashing
> On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
> >
> > > >My opinion on licenses is that "he who writes the code gets
> to chose his
> > > >license, and nobody else gets to complain". Anybody
> complaining about a
> > > >copyright license is a whiner.
> >
> > As Linus isnt it seems aware of this its worth reminding the
> KDE people that
> > they DID NOT WRITE ALL THE CODE. Every line of GPL'd code taken
> from things
> > like GIMP at the express displeasure of the GIMP team for
> example. I don't
> > think anyone could argue about a KDE "pseudo GPL license" as it stands
> > now if it was all new code (ie the GPL but we think Qt is ok because...
> > license). Authors can pick any license the like.
> All the arguments I've seen against KDE have been the spacious arguments
> that "KDE uses a non-GPL license, and as such it must be bad". I don't buy
> into that.
> If they in fact are violating _other_ peoples copyrights, that is a
> completely different matter, and I never implied that I allowed that.
> Violating other peoples copyright is a crime, and anybody who thinks I
> thought that was ok didn't read my message.
> IF the KDE people are indeed doing that, then it is unacceptable, no
> question about it. And you can actually sue them.
> However, what _I_ was complaining about is that all of the flamage I have
> seen have not been about any crimes, but have been about people not liking
> the QT copyright. And I have grown too tired of seeing peoplg complaining
> about BSD people who want to use the BSD copyright, or GPL people who want
> to use the GPL.
> I was only trying to support _anybody_ who uses whatever copyright they
> choose. Whether GPL, BSD, free, half-way proprietary or 100% proprietary.
> He who writes the code gets to say the copyright, and _nobody_ has the
> right to complain about his/her choice of copyright. That is unethical.
> Anybody _violating_ a copyright is not just unethical, but downright
> criminal, and I have never condoned such behaviour. I thought that went
> without saying, and as such I said only the part that obviously is very
> hard for some people to understand.
> Linus
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