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SubjectRe: Linus Speaks About KDE-Bashing
On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, Andreas Kostyrka wrote:

Hi there,

> > The non-KDE people have their lawyers call the KDE people's lawyers
> > and the lawyers have lunch together.
> Which will probably happen when KDE commits the first real bigger crime of
> stealing GPL'ed code. The application set to become this is Gimp, where
> there is already a Kimp version, but it seems not to be distributed, so
> there is no major breach of GPL yet.

Just to keep you informed. The KDE developers are in close conversation
with several core GIMP developers about the port of GIMP to the KDE. It
currently looks like the GIMP people will accept a --use-kde switch within
a _unified_ GIMP source tree which will be handled by the code GIMP

These GIMP people think that it is a good idea to prevent a code split
this way.

Please note: 1.) GIMP <> GNOME
2.) GIMP people mainly want to provide an excellent program
to their users not spreading FUD.
3.) Developers seem to be more reasonable than advocates.
4.) Even RMS acknowledged that linking a GPL'd app with Qt on
at least a SuSE, Delix, Stampede or Slackware 3.5 system
is ok.
5.) I personally do believe that I am entitled to roll my own
OS whenever I would like to ;-)

-- martin

// Martin Konold, Herrenbergerstr. 14, 72070 Tuebingen, Germany //
// Email: //
RMSisch ist schlimmer als GNUisch (die fanatisch/religioese
Steigerung von GNUisch, daher ist GNUisch "nur" RMSisch-- ;-)
-- Harald Koenig --

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