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    SubjectRe: wacky implicit swap idea
    On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, John Labovitz wrote:

    > i think it might be cool if a linux installation didn't have to
    > configure swap space; swap could just grow (or shrink) according to
    > the actual disk space in the system. it might be good to mark certain
    > disks as `swappable', so that swap would at least start out on fast
    > devices.

    Solaris does something similar to what you describe. The /tmp filesystem
    and swap space are one and the same. As more swap is used, less space is
    avilable in /tmp; and vice versa.
    This has also been implemented for linux, try searching for tmpfs. It has
    ot been included in the standard kernel as yet (and probably never will

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