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SubjectRe: proc pid perm patch, 2.1.108?

On Sat, 11 Jul 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > There are potential security issues here if admins, sensibly doing as
> > little as root as possible, check for unwanted user processes from a
> > normal user account.
> I've nailed it ok in 2.0.35pre7 I think (this btw has the nice quirk that
> you can change 1 function to get the state of seeing nobody elses process)

Argh, it works in 2.0.x too? That, I didn't know :)

Does 2.0.35pre7 contain those useful 3c59x.c fixes? If so I can probably
give our 3c905 card another run under a bit of load and report back.


PS Most impressive, the "video for linux" stuff. ust got myself a cheap TV
;-) Good work.

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