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    SubjectRe: Changing uid of another process?

    Zachary Amsden writes:
    > From: <>

    >> I've got a large server which in the middle of its processing should
    >> change uid if the client has provided a valid username/password.
    >> Since the server is quite large and the clients username/password
    >> combination is sent a long time into the session (sometimes not at
    >> all), I don't want to run the server as root for obvious reasons.
    >> This server can sometimes be used quite a lot and therefor it needs
    >> a fast way of switching uid/gids.
    > ----
    > Hideous unnecessary contortions deleted
    > man 2 setfsuid (linux systems)
    > man seteuid (BSD systems)
    > This mailing list is about kernel developement, not application
    > developement. comp.unix.programmer would be a better forum

    No, read what he wrote. He doesn't know what UID he will need.
    He might want to change _all_ UIDs to "nobody" to reduce the impact
    of stack overflow exploits etc. He'd like a _kernel_ extension,
    which is an entirely appropriate topic for this list.

    It is a reasonable idea too. Obviously the operation would
    require appropriate privilege.

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