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    SubjectDan Hildebrand (1961-1998) [OFFTOPIC]
    Some of you may know Dan, he was one of the minds behind QNX, the only
    micro kernel in the world that was worth a damn.

    If Linus had worked with him, he would have found a kindred mind -
    another person who understood that less was more.

    I'm very sorry to pass on the information that Dan has passed away. He
    was a friend of mine, and someone that I liked and respected a great
    deal. In many ways, I wish I were more like him.

    Here is the posting from comp.os.research.

    Fri, 10 Jul 1998 18:07:37 comp.os.research Thread 6 of 10
    Lines 34 Dan Hildebrand (1961-1998) No responses Rick Duff at Astra Network, Inc

    I have the sad task of announcing the passing of Dan Hildebrand Tuesday
    afternoon, July 7 1998. Dan was survived by his wife, Peggy and two young
    children, Casey and Neil.

    Dan had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma (skin cancer) which, in
    November, was found to have spread to his brain. He fought it for as long as
    he could with everything that modern medicine could provide, going as far
    afield as France and Los Angeles, but it wasn't enough.

    Dan was an active member of many Usenet newsgroups and a firm believer in
    what Usenet and the Internet was all about. His contributions to the areas
    of work represented by these newsgroups was immeasurable and he will be
    sorely missed by all who knew him.

    His family asks that donations be made in lieu of flowers and these can be
    sent to:

    Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation of Manitoba
    100 Olivia St.
    Winnipeg, Manitoba,
    Canada R3E 0V9

    Anyone wishing to send condolences via email may do so by addressing it to
    me with a subject of "Dan Hildebrand". My email address is

    Because Dan was involved in many newsgroups and mailing lists, we would
    appreciate it if this post could be passed to any newsgroups or mailing
    lists that Dan was active in.

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