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    SubjectRe: Sound problems
    On Wed, 10 Jun 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

    > > Can someone please explain why I've gotten IRQ/DRQ errors ever since I
    > > upgraded to a 2.1.x kernel? I'm using a Soundblaster 16. I've checked and
    > > there are no irc conflicts, no io conflicts. I haven't been able to figure
    > > out WHY it's spitting these errors out.
    > Answer: I dont know yet, Im collecting stats to find the pattern with
    > folks who have problems

    I accidentally deleted the original sender's message, but I noticed that
    he'd said his sound card was using IRQ7, and I'd suggest trying IRQ5, 9,
    or 10 first. Most recent mainboards have built-in parallel ports which
    default to 0x378 and IRQ7, and it's quite possible that that's causing a
    conflict. Even if he has it turned off in the BIOS, some boards actually
    don't shut the device off. It's worth a check.

    Derrik Pates

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