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    SubjectRe: LM78/Winbond HW monitoring
    Karsten Petersen wrote:
    > On Sun, 7 Jun 1998, P.A.M. van Dam (Pascal) wrote:
    > > Are there any more chips that do HW monitoring (temp, VCORE, fan speed etc)
    > > that already have a driver for Linux. Maybe we should combine them.
    > lm78:
    > (his real name in ronald schmiDT, with `DT` instead of `T`, so the other
    > mailaddress was wrong)
    > acops:
    > (acops is the system used on gigabyte boards)

    I think it would be good to have some kind of standard way to access
    this kind of devices. This should also include watchdogs.

    If they use the same input/ouput via proc it is much easier to use this
    information with mon and/or linux-ha.

    Something which simple to parse like:

    Sensor-1-Temp 50 C
    Sensor-1-Fan 4000 RPM
    core 2.8 V
    cpu 3.5 V


    btw: does anybody know what kind of monitor/watchdog the Dell PowerEdge
    Servers (epspecially the low end ones 2200/2300) use ?
    Christof Damian
    Technical Director ( btw: mediaconsult is hiring )

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