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SubjectRe: panic("Cyrix user"); and also the AMD K5-90 oops with 2.1.104
Hello Martin,

Martin Mares wrote:
> Hi,
> > > As I think it could just disable profiling (at worst case) instead
> > > of using panic().
> > >
> > It should!
> The net profiler is a _debugging_ code for just a few network hackers,
> not intended to be used by mere mortals, therefore it can expect weird
> things about the hardware it runs on.

Well, as a "mere mortal" myself, I would still prefer to see the net
profiler code made more compatible with non-Intel x86 CPUs, before it
gets into a production kernel. Same applies to other parts of the
> I'll look at the CPU identification, bug testing and TTSC issues soon, but
> not just now as all my time is consumed by PCI and exams...
OK, good luck with your exams :)


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