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SubjectRe: UNBELIEVABLE linux story!

> On 5 Jun 1998, Petr Konecny wrote:
> >I use this method for transporting data between linux systems. I simply
> >unmount all partitions of the hard drive. Then I run hdparm -Y to turn
> >the disk off (this usually prevents it from generating interrupts). And
> >finally I use ide_unregister function to remove ide driver that manages
> >the drives on the cable. I do not have any other device on the same
> >cable, so this does not hurt. Then I simply remove the harddrive. Of
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> That could broke your hardware. You can' t be sure that all the pins of
> the IDE cable are connected at the same time, also there could be static
> currents and ground problems...

By "does not hurt" I meant that it does not stop any disk other than the
one to be removed. However I agree that this method is dangerous and
that by using it you also probably void warranty.


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