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SubjectRe: Linux 2.1.104 patch
Hey Alan...

Alan Cox enscribed thusly:

> > Hello. I have just recieved 2.1.104 kernel. sound/lolevel/
> > still absent so to use "make menuconfig" and lowlevel sound drivers
> > (AWE32 for example) you'll need this patch:
> >

> The proper patch has been with Linus for weeks. You can get it from

Best I can figure, you must be referring to patch 80 in incoming,
the updated sound patch. How are you suppose to download it? The download
link says you can't download as guest. I can save the display page with
the form on after expanding to the full message it but I'm not sure
that's what I want to do either... The patch is bracetted in the page
with <pre> ... </pre> so hopefully we have nothing strange in the middle...

> until Linus merges this there is little point people even bothering to
> use menuconfig or test sound in 2.1.10x series kernels. And certainly
> don't send me bug reports. They will be deleted without reading

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