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    SubjectRe: Loopback midi fails compile (2.1.104/3)
    Hi Max,

    > drivers/sound/sound.a(dev_table.o)(.data+0x148): undefined reference to
    > `attach_v_midi'
    > drivers/sound/sound.a(dev_table.o)(.data+0x14c): undefined reference to
    > `probe_v_midi'
    > drivers/sound/sound.a(dev_table.o)(.data+0x150): undefined reference to
    > `unload_v_midi'
    > make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

    This is new to me. Unfortunately drivers/sound/Makefile and related
    code are in a dreadful state right now. Once that gets fixed, if you
    still have this, I am interested in chasing it.

    > and drivers/sound/lowlevel/ does _still_ not exist.

    I know. :-( Basically, Linus has been unresponsive for weeks.

    Michael Chastain
    "love without fear"

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