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SubjectRe: NODIRATIME...great work!
On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Richard Gooch wrote:

> Perry Harrington writes:
> > I believe it was a Gooch hack? Great work people. I turned this on, and
> Yeah, I 'fess up. It was me.
> > my disk tree read speed was fscking fast!!! Now I can cache my entire
> > mount tree and do a find without hearing any disk access. X loads
> > faster, Netscape loads faster, this hack really kicks ass!
> >
> > Thanks, this was actually more noticable than the noatime patch.
> Nodiratime should be a functional subset of noatime. Using nodiratime
> should not give any more performance (less disc activity) than
> noatime.

I'de like to see this as the default setting! It helps performance,
and I've never seen anyone who claimed to have a use for directory atimes.

Perhaps the person above tried noatime before the dcache was in the
kernel, so this now seems faster.

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