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    SubjectRe: alternate /proc/config.gz patch and a kfree question.
    "A month of sundays ago Andrew J. Anderson wrote:"
    > If the ability to free up that memory after boot is desired, then I
    > believe that an implementation similar to mine will need to be used -- I
    > did not see any easy way to free up the memory using the array_read style
    > entries.

    If you have the heart, please let me have a 2-line synopsis of how you
    can free that memory (I'm marking exams and can't do anything else).

    I tried to think of how the other day, and concluded only that it's
    impossible. Either the data or the code to generate the data must be
    in the runtime kernel. Those two items are the same size in the case of
    compressed info, natch. (Modules or external files are too unreliable to
    be worth the bother - imo).

    > =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    > Andrew Anderson
    > if(!(family_tree=fork())){redneck=TRUE;}

    Cc:ed to linux-kernel without going back to check the To: line.
    Apologies if inappropriate.


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