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    SubjectRe: ___ 2.0.34-pre11 (and pre16 too) /dev/mem broken???
    On 3 Jun 1998, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

    > >>>>> Alex Buell writes:
    > Alex> Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    > >> >Even I have recompiled svgalib with gcc-2.8.1, it not works. ;-(
    > >>
    > >> Argggggggg, 2.0.x kernel ___________MUST____________ BE COMPILED WITH
    > >> AND ONLY GCC-2.7.2.x!!!!!!!!!!
    > Alex> development glibc v2.1 releases requires gcc-2.8.1. :o( I don't really
    > Alex> want to have to upgrade to gcc-2.8.1 in order to use glibc v2.1, when I
    > Alex> have a perfectly good v2.7.2.3 compiler! Whose *insert your favourite
    > Alex> expletive here* decision was this, and why?
    > Alex> Off topic I know, but I've had no real answers from reading the
    > Alex> glibc-faq, glibc-howto et. even subscribed to the glibc-mailing.
    > Alex> Cheers,
    > You can use gcc 2.7.2 and egcs and gcc 2.8.1 together on the same
    > system with simple command line switches (e.g. gcc -V gcc- or
    > by installing them in separate paths (CC=/opt/egcs/bin/gcc works fine
    > for me ;-).

    Hi Andreas :)

    There's an easier way. Edit gcc/ and search for echo..
    then change gcc to (eg) tgcc or egcc or whatever. The same can be
    done in cp/ and f/ for c++ and fortran. The
    only thing to watch out for is that gcc-2.7.x cannot be configured
    to the same directory (i[456]86-blah) as any of the new breed.

    Also, if you want to have a g++ that is using the 2.7.x lib/headers,
    you need to install these into the configuration directory..
    /usr/i486-blah/lib and include. Then, you can build either way. The
    same holds for cross-compilers.

    This info is intended for folks who may not know how to deal with
    multiple devel systems.. not for your consumption Andreas :)

    > Try to rebuild glibc 2.1 development releases with gcc 2.7.2.x (it's
    > not hard to disable the configure tests) and run make check. You'll
    > get so many errors that you don't want to use gcc Using gcc
    > 2.7.2.x would lead to lots of complaints that glibc is broken - but
    > instead your compiler is broken.

    This cannot be stressed enough. Same for the unadvisability of compiling
    kernel-2.0.x with a new-breed compiler.. despite 'works for me' reports.


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