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SubjectRe: Strange Ethernet Device Errors in 2.1.106/7
> But which version was each user running last?  Did they create the
> source from the latest tar ball, from a tar ball plus n patches, from
> an earlier version plus the last n patches? I think the way Changes
> does it is right, it tells you the *minimum* level of external software
> you should have, how to check the version and that you should check the
> version "before thinking you've encountered a bug!". Anybody using
> development kernels should do this as a matter of course.

I still think there should be a more noticeable way of denoting new and
radically important things; the way things are tagged (NEW) in menuconfig
comes to mind. When the Changelog doesn't change for long stretches of time,
it becomes really easy to miss things like that. Not that I'm making excuses
for not catching my problem in the Changelog. I just know I would never have
noticed that one sentence explanation in the Changelog. Even after you
pointed it out I missed it the first time through.
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