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> On Fri, Jun 26, 1998 at 06:05:04 PM -0700, dalecki wrote:
> > 2. The whole console selection related ioctl stuff.
> >
> > It was broken from the beginning on. There is currently a new
> > replacement mechanism: /dev/vcs, which should provide the same
> > funcionality. Removing it will only break the in my oppinion
> > anyway toyish mouse selection on text based consoles. This is
> > something that will not break the system since this
> > functionality isn't essential for operation.
> > (8k)
> "toyish mouse selection on text based consoles" is somthing that _many_
> linux users find very useful. Replace the code in gpm that uses this
> with /dev/vcsa, then wait a couple of years, then remove the code.

Why? You just have to upgrade another program, along with the other, say,
10, that you will have to upgrade if you are coming from 2.0. Or are there
any other programs using the same code as gpm? And, btw, I find selection
and gpm highly useful.

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