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    SubjectSolved: Strange Kernel Problems
    Thank you for all the hints i got. 

    Finally a reseller located the problem, it was the motherboard which was
    not able to deal with dual PII/333 processors. Every other processor (<333)
    should work fine in single and dual mode.

    -> GA-686DLX Boards with revision 1C are _NOT ABLE_ to deal with dual PII/333
    the stable revision is 1E

    We also got a very useful hint from GigaByte Taiwan: They gave us a list of
    capacitors which should be removed to turn a 1C board into a 1E board :-)



    > Hi,
    > we recently bought two nearly identical Dual PentiumII Systems. One of them
    > is working quite stable, the other one gives strange warnings and error
    > messages and hangs quite often.
    > System desc:
    > both of them have
    > dual PII/333Mhz
    > GigaByte GA-686DLX Motherboard
    > onboard Adaptec AIC7880 SCSI-Ctrl
    > 3Com 3c905 Boomerang Networkcard
    > DCAS-32160W 2Gb HD
    > XM-6201TA SCSI CdRom
    > internal Iomega ZIP Drv
    > the _WORKING_ System has in addition
    > 128 Mb SDRam
    > DDRS-39130W 9Gb Hd
    > Mad16 Soundcard
    > Matrox Millenum II AGP/8Mb
    > the _FAILING_ System has in addtion
    > 512 Mb SDRam
    > DGHS-?? 18 Gb Hd
    > ATI PCI Graphics
    > both systems are running 2.1.105-SMP with no patches and (hopefully) all system
    > utilities uptodate.
    > With the 18Gb HD installed, the system hangs with a message :
    > Unknown Interrupt
    > as the last syslog entry and the system hangs.
    > By replacing the 18Gb Hd by an 4Gb Quantum SCSI Hd we got the strange
    > warning:
    > Uhhuh: NMI received for unknown reason 2c
    > Dazed and confused but trying to continue.
    > Do you have a strange power saving mode enabled?
    > useless to mention that we don't have _any_ power saving mode enabled.
    > After this message, the system did still work.
    > Before using the 2.1.106 we had the 2.0.33 installed. There the second
    > system hang without _ANY_ message. With both kernel, the non-SMP mode
    > works well.

    Christopher | Snail: Lehrstuhl fuer Mustererkennung (Informatik 5)
    Drexler | Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg
    | Martensstr. 3, 91058 Erlangen, Germany
    | Phone: +49 9131 85-7874 Fax : +49 9131 303811

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