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SubjectRe: Weird spelling fixes in 2.1.107
On Thu, 25 Jun 1998, Trevor Johnson wrote:

> > - "cpu family\t: %c\n"
> > + "CPU family\t: %c\n"
> >
> > The worst one -- this breaks interface between the kernel and apps.
> The /proc/cpuinfo file is normally read by humans. I think applications
> which use it should be adapted to what is best suited for humans.

hmm, you claim to be hyper exact, but what about this one:

-! Routine to print asciiz-string at DS:SI
+! Routine to print ASCII string at DS:SI

As every programmer knows, 'asciiz-string' (zero terminated)
is _not_ the same as 'ASCII string' (string ending with _any_ character)
And if a programmer takes your changes to this interface description
for true and write code to use it, the resulting code would crash.

This prooves, you did change things without thinking about.

And also, why the hell did you change this one (bloating up the patch):

- ... ! have we one of the new loaders ?
+ ... ! have we one of the new loaders?
Do we need also a discussion about how many whitespaces a programmer is
allowed to write within comments ?


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