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    Subjectproblem compiling 2.0.34 PLEASE HELP

    I have a problem compiling 2.0.34. I get the following errors:

    in both functions `__constant_memcopy' and

    I get the message for line 443:
    /usr/src/linux-2.0.34/include/asm/string.h:443: warning: control
    reaches end of non-void function

    it also gives the same message for line # 594.

    I had a system up and running before with 2.0.34 and DIDN'T have this
    problem compiling the kernel. I noticed comments in string.h for the
    above functions about the code looking ugly but the compiler shouldn't
    have a problem, but MINE does.

    I have just installed the Slackware 3.5 package from the ground up. My
    previous (working) installation of 2.0.34 was a kernel-upgraded
    Slackware 3.4.

    PLEASE help, I would like to recompile the kernel.

    James Robinson

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