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SubjectRe: bogomips in 2.0.34

> > I just applied the 2.0.34 patch from and
> > compiled it using the same config I used from 2.0.33.
> > It built cleanly, and booted just fine. Everything
> > seems to be working great. Then I noticed that the
> > bogomips for my Pentium 200/MMX had gone from 398.95,
> > down to 299.01. Has anyone else noticed this, or have
> > any ideas what the cause might be?

Yes. I think I know what caused it. And now:

forget it. BogoMIPS are bogus <DOT>.

> That's funny. My BogoMIPS increased 16 points from .33 to .34... :-)



PS: It is probably because udelay's speed depends on alignment in
misterious ways. If you recompile 2.0.34 again with slightly different
options so that everything is aligned other way, you may still get
your bigger bogomips.

I'm really Pavel
Look at ;-).

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