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SubjectRe: Sendmail 8.9.0 claims a Linux kernel bug
On 24 Jun 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> >From the Sendmail 8.9.0 Known Bugs List:
> * accept() problem on Linux.
> Apparently, the accept() in sendmail daemon loop can return ETIMEDOUT
> and cause sendmail to sleep for 5 seconds during which time no new
> connections will be accepted. An error is reported to syslog:

What I've done on our system is to comment out the sleep:

line 310 of daemon.c
(void) close(DaemonSocket);
DaemonSocket = -1;
refusingconnections = TRUE;
/* sleep(5); */

It seems to work ok, and does not reject connections for 5 seconds each time
accept returns -1. It might not be a proper fix but it works.


> Ben

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