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SubjectRe: Sendmail 8.9.0 claims a Linux kernel bug
>>>>> "Richard" == Richard B Johnson <> writes:

>> Apparently, the accept() in sendmail daemon loop can return
>> ETIMEDOUT and cause sendmail to sleep for 5 seconds during
>> which time no new connections will be accepted. An error is
>> reported to syslog:

>> What is going on here? This is a heavily loaded mail server. Is
>> this really a Linux kernel bug?

Richard> Apparently. Sendmail() expects to see EWOULDBLOCK even
Richard> though the socket has not been set to non-blocking. The
Richard> kernel returns ETIMEDOUT if no resources are presently
Richard> available. I know what my Sun does under these
Richard> conditions, but I don't think a kernel crash is the
Richard> correct response either!

Odd. Well, I manually patched Sendmail to ignore ETIMEDOUT and
EHOSTUNREACH (both of which I've been getting recently) and the
problems went away. Go fig.

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