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SubjectRe: Secure-linux and standard kernel
MOLNAR Ingo <> writes:

> btw, in some sense it's even more secure, capabilities are 'embedded
> permanently in the binary' and an admin cannot mis-configure the system.
> Also, it integrates the responsibility of aquiring capabilities with the
> source code itself, which isnt a bad concept either. We might want to
> modify 'ls' to look at the file if it's setuid root, and display fancy
> stuff if the binary is in 'secure capabilities mode'. [I'm not sure how
> this whole concept could be implemented best though.]

It would not help for bugs like the infamous LOCALEPATH holes (that were in the startup

Also in C++ programs a lot of user code can run in global object contructors before regular
main(). This code could contain holes too.

If you want to make this secure you hooks in the startup code to drop priviledges even
earlier I think.


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