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SubjectRe: [{patch} print_eip for 2.0.34] Re: 2.0.34 hangs

On Tue, 23 Jun 1998, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

> >it does that ... it has constant overhead for every step. It prints into
> >the same position always. (so you have to be careful with this)
> What I am saying apply also to the official ikd patch. If I am on the
> shell and I press return for a while, then the box scroll up. Then the
> faster way to redisplay the box again is to change the virtual console
> with ALT-F2... If you don' t touch the keyboard the box remain in the same
> position as well though.

yep i know. It's because there is an overhead in putting the text out into
the 'visible' field. If you are looking for lockups, you will probably let
the console stay still anyway, so this isnt an issue. So the print_eip()
hack can write directly into video memory, to a fixed address. It even
cuts off some bits from the address, to be even faster.

-- mingo

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