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SubjectLUN-Detection Problem 2.0.x-2.1.10x and aic7xxx-driver
Hi all !

I´ve encountered a problem while trying to use a PMD-Raid-System with
Linux 2.0.3x and 2.0.10x.
The Raid-System maps it redundancy-groups (virtual partitions) to LUNs.
If i map LUN 0, LUN 1, LUN 2 etc .. everything runs ok.
But if i map LUN 0, LUN 2, LUN 3 - the Adaptec UW-BIOS detects 3 Drives.
Linux only detects the first one.
It looks like somewhere in the aic7xxx-driver a routine stops looking
for more occupied LUNs if it hits one that isn´t occupied.
To ensure this impression i´ve tried following constellation :
LUN 0, LUN 1, LUN 3
Now Linux only detects 2 of 3 drives. (0,1 - but not 3)


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