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SubjectRe: [{patch} print_eip for 2.0.34] Re: 2.0.34 hangs
On Fri, 19 Jun 1998, Chris Evans wrote:

>Sadly, losing the console is not an option available to us :( Any other
>good ideas about where to put current kernel EIP? Or can we put the

X is impossible to make usable with the print-eip patch _running_ at least
without GGI (and I don' t like very much GGI, too much words and nobody
that apply it to its kernel ;-).

>console into 132x80 character mode and leave enough room for a fully
>functional 80x25 linux console, as well as the EIP info?

The simplest hack is to make a /proc entry that will allow you to enable
and disable the box writing a 0 or an 1 to that procfile (then you will
had to hope that the kernel will hang when nobody is using the console
;-). If it could be helpful I can do this hack. We could think and
implement something of nicer but more complex though...

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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