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SubjectRe: what happening to my system
Good day, Rejean,
I'll cover what I can...

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Rejean Turgeon wrote:

> i'm using slackware 2.0.34 and i get the following error msgs at bootup
> time
> Jun 15 20:12:28 modprobe: Can't locate module char-major-10

My best guess is that this has to do with your Real-time clock. I
compiled one of the clock options as a module and this showed up. Try
adding the following to /etc/conf.modules or /etc/modules.conf :
alias char-major-10 misc
alias char-major-10-0 busmouse
alias char-major-10-1 psaux
alias char-major-10-2 msbusmouse
alias char-major-10-3 atixlmouse
alias char-major-10-130 wdt
alias char-major-10-131 wdt
alias char-major-10-139 openprom

(Thanks to Adam Richter for the effort to make a universal
If that doesn't help, try recompiling your kernel with all clock
related choices as "y" instead of being modules.

> Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.0.34/net/dummy.o
> Unresolved symbols in module /lib/modules/2.0.34/net/slip.o

Is there any chance you compiled 2.0.34 once with these as modules
and then went back and compiled them right in the kernel?
If not, I'm afraid you'll need to try:

insmod -v dummy
insmod -v slip

and send the output of those back to the kernel list. It might be
smart to send the output of:
cat /usr/src/linux/.config | grep -v '^#' | uniq
as an attachment.

> Jun 16 00:12:37 modprobe: Can't locate module net-pf-5

This is a network probe of some sort for the Appletalk protocol
family. If you don't use Appletalk, you can tell your box to ignore it
with the following, also in /etc/conf.modules or modules.conf :

alias net-pf-5 off # Forget Appletalk

I also have the following which suit my needs:

alias net-pf-3 off # Forget X.25
alias net-pf-4 off # Forget IPX
alias net-pf-17 af_packet

> Running gpm...
> fopen: No such file or directory

Do you have a symbolic link in /etc for your mouse? If not, you
might need to create one. On my RedHat, I just run mouseconfig<Enter>
and it creates the necessary link from /dev/psaux to /dev/mouse. If you
don't have mouseconfig, you might try:

cd /dev
ln -sf /dev/ttyS0 /dev/mouse #for com1
ln -sf /dev/ttyS1 /dev/mouse #for com2
ln -sf /dev/ttyS2 /dev/mouse #for com3
ln -sf /dev/ttyS3 /dev/mouse #for com4
ln -sf /dev/psaux /dev/mouse #for ps/2 mouse

If these don't help, try man gpm or gpm --help.

> plus after bootup time i get when i type ps ax|more
> 209 ? Z 0:00 (request-route <zombie>)
> 848 ? Z 0:00 (request-route <zombie>)
> and it will go up to 7 oer 8 like this in the next 3 days

The default request-route that came with my system had a nasty
habit of filling up the task table with zombies like yours. As I don't
need it, I simply did:

cd /sbin
mv request-route request-route.notneeded

Unless someone has a better idea, you'll need to reboot (ugh!) to
get rid of the existing zombies.

> can't find where it's coming from i've disabled the routed in the rc.?
> file still getting these..

It's not related to routed. It's from an on-demand routing scheme
that appears to be slowly being phased out.

I copied linux-kernel on this to answer questions for others that
might also be interested in the answers, but maybe we could take this to
private mail for follow-up as it's not directly related to kernel
- Bill

Unix _is_ user friendly. It's just very selective about who its friends
are. And sometimes even best friends have fights.
William Stearns (

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