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SubjectRe: MMX emulator ?

On Tue, 16 Jun 1998, Jeffrey Hundstad wrote:

> On 16 Jun, wrote:
> > Wouldn't it be better for all if apps:
> >
> > i = detect_MMMX();
> > if !i then usenormalstuff=1;
> > else usemmx=1;
> >
> > then had code for both cases???
> no....

Definitely no.

> If you can assume the MMX functions are there then EACH application
> doesn't have to emulate all of the MMX stuff itself if it doesn't have
> the REAL hardware.
> This should be treated EXACTLY like the Floating Point hardware... at
> least in my opinion.

100% agreement.

It's just like OpenGL: you can assume it's all there, and what
can be accelerated, will be accelerated.

But I think you can do your MMX emulation in userspace, with a
SIGILL handler, and maybe some libc mods.

BTW: why isn't the FPU emulation in userspace? Surely it's not
for performance reasons!

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