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SubjectRe: e2fs + large disk == slug?
Rik van Riel <> writes:

| (or you simply run 'rm -rf dir &', which will probably
| be the same thing that Solaris does internaly :-)

This is not an option at least if you are removing a single huge
file as the directory seems to be locked like another poster
said. I have experienced pretty large delete times for CD-R
images and it doesn't help much to put rm on background as ls
etc. practically don't work on that dir. The rest of the system
seems to continue working fine except that the operation eats
CPU time quite a lot.

This is pretty scary concerning that if this kind of a lock
would somehow block another user that is burning a CD
(fortunately locking a directory doesn't mean that you couldn't
continue reading an open file from it), the operation would fail
(we are writing CDs on our 2.1.101 production server). This kind
of situation doesn't seem to be possible in practise, but even a
rumour of any kind of locking, blocking or whatever similar
behaviour is something that makes me, as an admin, jump to
walls :)


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