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SubjectRe: e2fs + large disk == slug?

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Mark Lehrer wrote:

> I am not a filesystem expert, but I would like to understand what
> makes e2fs slow on my 4.5 gig partition; and if someone is working on
> performance and would like some help, please holler. Some slow
> operations, kernel 2.0.34:
> 1) removing 500 megs of files took 30 seconds.

This will be just as slow on a 600M filesystem...
If there are a lot of files, it's going to take a rather
long time to remove them. (Just try this under Windows:)

On my 120mhz HP-UX system this same operation on the same set of files
with the same model disk drive only takes a few seconds; whereas with
my 200MHz PPro Linux system it takes five to ten times as long...

Is it possible to optimize this?

> 2) fsck of course.

Fsck takes extremely long because it has to cross-reference
all the inode and directory data...

Yes, this is probably unavoidable...


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