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SubjectRe: Strange PPA (Parallel Zip Disk) with 2.1.103+
>>>>> "A" == Andrea Arcangeli <> writes:

>> # cat /proc/scsi/ppa/0 Version : 1.39a Parport : parport1 Mode
>> : PS/2

A> Can you try setting in the BIOS EPP mode?

The port is already set to EPP mode and this is likely the smoking gun.
My guess is that this is not a ppa problem but a parport problem.

$ cat /proc/parport/1/devices
$ cat /proc/parport/1/hardware
base: 0x278
irq: none
dma: none
$ cat /proc/parport/1/irq

I'll delve a little into parport-lore and see what I can discover.

Gary Lawrence Murphy <> -----
TeleDynamics RR#1 Sauble Beach, Ont CAN
telecenter design -- telework systems -- intranet/extranet consulting
"You don't play what you know; you play what you hear." ----- Miles Davis

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