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SubjectRe: Two OUCHes with Linux 2.1.103-5
Sorry to follow up to my own post, but I have managed to get and
compile 2.1.106 kernels for both my machines and ...

# Ouch#1: one box that was happily running with kernel 2.1.103 suddenly
# can no longer boot with 2.1.105!
# System: Dual PPro 200/256 [..] 256MB RAM (...), AHA2940UW controller
# Setup: Red Hat Linux 4.2, some minor patches, [...] 2.1.103 with no
# problems. [...] "Socket destroy delayed (r=0 w=xx)" repeated
# often in /var/log/messages. Has been running for 6months.
# Symptom: when trying to boot up in 2.1.105, the second drive (5400rpm)
# is not detected at all after the SCSI bus reset. I am using a
# lilo append="mem=256m aic7xxx=tag_info:{{8,0,0,8,0,0,0,0}}".

Problem yet to recur after a coupla hours with 2.1.106 (compiled with
gcc 2.7.2 libc5) must something have been broken in 2.1.105 ...? I'll
wait a little before attempting to run it at 233 again (now 200).

# Ouch#2: System locks up hard after CD-ROM door open and closes.
# System: Dual PPro 166/512 [...] 192MB, AHA2940 [...]
# Setup: Newly reinstalled Red Hat Linux 5.1; same aic7xxx params above.
# Symptom: when running 2.1.101 has a persistent lock-up [...]-- X
# windows often locked after a figure is displayed. When using
# either 2.1.101 and 2.1.103, has many "Spurious APIC Interrupt,
# Aiyeee, should never happen" reports. Does *NOT* report APIC
# spurious reports under 2.1.105, but system reproducibly locks
# hard after CD-RO ejection and re-insertion.

So far so good <pausing, knocking wood> with 2.1.106 (compiled with
egcs 1.0.3a), xplaycd does okay with two opening and closings. BTW,
the clock problem is currently not plaguing me ... with 2.1.10[123]
there is a serious clock drift with any kind of load ... is this me or
a wider-spread phenomenon?

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