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    SubjectRe: Kernel Crash Tests
    Alan Cox wrote:
    > > So I did some stress-testing for the 2.0.34 pre-releases, using
    > > a standardized procedure of running several user-land programs.
    > > These programs include tests for network, file-i/o, process-
    > > creation, kernel error-handling (the famous "crashme") and so
    > > on.
    > Are these ones you can make available as an initial 'test suite' to see
    > people adding more tests (like the posix one - good test for coverage but
    > not a lot else)
    I think I can do that (I have to check if all the licenses allow that,
    but I don't think there would be a problem. And the software I wrote
    myself I can easily release under the GPL)

    > I can provide ftp space for such a collection
    Thanks, but thats not a problem: I have lots of FTP and Web-Space,
    and a 768kbps lease-line connection to the internet...

    The real question is how to setup such a test-suite in a way that
    it is portable and usable for many people. I have to think about
    that a little bit. Suggestions are welcome... :-))

    I think it's worth to put some effort into that.
    If anyone has some ideas or even a test program to contribute,
    please contact me directly. I will collect these and provide
    a first version of a Linux test-suite. Maybe thats a first step
    to a Linux "Quality Assurance Team"? :-))

    - andreas

    Andreas Haumer | email: | PGP key available
    *x Software + Systeme | phone: +43.1.6001508 | on request.
    Buchengasse 67/8 | +43.664.3004449 |
    A-1100 Vienna, Austria | fax: +43.1.6001507 |

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