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    Subjectlxdialog patch #3


    I've played arround a bit with my last patch and recognised that it
    contains a bug and that there is another importand feature missing.

    The bug was that it was not able to handle menus they change their size on
    the fly (and most menus in Menuconfig do this :-). This is fixed now - and
    it's not possible anymore to brake lxdialog by creating broken
    "lxdialog.scrltmp" files.

    The missing feature was that it (if there is no "lxdialog.scrltmp" file)
    sets the scrolling all the time so that the cursor is at the bottom of the
    box - this is IMHO *horrible* (I hate it if I can't see the next item -
    that's just ugly). Now lxdialog is much smarter ...

    I have tested now everythink again and it seams to work for me without any
    problems. I tried to test every possible case - but i'm not perfect ...

    I don't think that i'm going to add any new features to lxdialog in the
    next time - so it would be great if someone could apply my patch to the
    official lxdialog programm (and the kernel) -> Michael?

    - clifford

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    Clifford Wolf
    magnet - Internet at Work IRC: efnet / clifford
    Director of System Development
    e-mail: email:

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