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SubjectBroken patch-2.1.106 on linux-kernel-patch, do not apply
The uuencoded version of patch-2.1.106.gz on the linux-kernel-patch
mailing list is broken and should not be applied. gunzip complains
about premature end of file. Comparing the mailed version against the
one on shows approx 800 lines missing from the end of
the mailed patch. Mailed patch.gz is 317759 bytes,
patch.gz is 319013.

--- linux-kernel-patch-uudecode Sun Jun 14 10:02:24 1998
+++ / Sun Jun 14 07:41:50 1998
@@ -40818,4 +40818,891 @@
* Note, we don't "adjust" for TIMESTAMP or SACK option bytes.
-u32 __tcp_select_window(struct sock *sk)
-+u32 __tcp_select_window(struct sock *sk, u32 c
\ No newline at end of file
++u32 __tcp_select_window(struct sock *sk, u32 cur_win)
+ {
+ struct tcp_opt *tp = &sk->tp_pinfo.af_tcp;
+ unsigned int mss = sk->mss;
+- unsigned int free_space;
+- u32 window, cur_win;

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