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Subject[OFFTOPIC] glibc troubles

I've been looking for a glibc/egcs mailing list where I can discuss my
problems with getting glibc/egcs to compile and install reliably.

I tried for ages to get glibc-2.0.94 to compile and install properly
from my libc5 based system with no success even though I got egcs 1.0.3a
to build and compile. That didn't work right either, so I downloaded the
binaries for egcs 1.0.3 and glibc 2.0.4 plus binutils (glibc
version). Installed all three on my machine, after moving my old libc5
based libraries/includes to a safe place. Did a quick compile of a hello
world program and checked it by using ldd to verify it was indeed
loading glibc libraries. All seemed well. I decided to compile and
install egcs 1.0.3a as a custom tailored version for my system (i486).
Configuration went well, so off I went to build the whole thing by doing
a 'make bootstrap'. It stopped after about 30 minutes into the build
with an error couldn't parse something. I'm ready to scream or something
at this stage. This is really strange. Are there any problems I should
know about?

glibc-2.0.4 binaries
egcs-1.0.3 binaries
binutils- binaries
kernel-2.1.103 (probably has no bearing I guess)

Thanks for any pointers (and yes I've read the FAQS et al) Could it be
that I'm on 2.0.4 binaries, and should I use 2.0.6 or whatever?

Alex (desperately seeking glibc)

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