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SubjectRe: [Off topic] Re: New Linux distribution - PSL
> > a) That KDE has never had a formal (or even informal) security audit, and
> > recent BUGTRAQ traffic lends itself well to the need for such a
> > thing...
> The above is true. (maybe you should also compare it to the vast number of
> applications in order to be fair)

Actually bits of KDE have had informal ones. Its on the whole ok because
it tends to make heavy use of C string classes. That makes it slower but
tends to make it 'happen' to be less vulnerable to overruns. The older
KDE had some nasty vulnerabilities in the file manager which have long since
been fixed.

> > b) That KDE, due to licensing issues, could make life hard on those
> > building a distribution around it...
> without making contrary statements in order to show everyone that even
> Alan can be wrong in his assumptions.

Until the lawyers tell me otherwise Im not changing my viewpoint

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