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SubjectRe: [EXAMPLE-PATCH] /proc/config
On Fri, 29 May 1998, Nicholas J. Leon wrote:

> Minimal? My, I can't even count the times I've said to myself "What the
> hell did I compile this kernel with?" Or, had to go through by hand via
> make config to duplicate (and pray I got it right) a configuration on a
> customer's site who managed to 'rm -rf /usr/src/linux'.

Simple: When "make menuconfig"'ing, choose the "Save config"
option, and save a copy of the config. When I compile a kernel,
I rename it from "zImage" to something like "z2.0.34pre16-686"
and I name the config file "/boot/config-z2.0.34pre16-686". I've
got kernels that I compiled over a year ago, and I can easily
match them with a config.

This is a userland issue, or a "user organizational" issue, not a
needed kernel feature.

> IMHO, there are many more things in the kernel that have less usefulness
> than this.

Such as?

> Besides, isn't it said that "Instead of griping about
> something, implement it?" is the motto for linux-kernel?

Well, you certainly could do that, and supply it for others as a
patch. I doubt such a thing will make it past Linus though...

Why not escape from the confines of Microsoft operating systems
and try the true power of LINUX - a real OS.

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