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SubjectRe: >64 megs memory wikout Lilo/loadlin
> Im sure this question has been asked but i cant find it in any archives
> easily so im going to ask again. I boot from a floppy to get into linux
> and I have 128 megs of ram. I dd the kernel image over to /dev/fd0 then
> boot off that floppy. All the documentation ive seen says i have to put a
> mem= or something on the boot command line. I dont have a boot command
> line and would like to know where to tell linux i have more than 64 megs
> of ram.. I run developmental kernels (2.1.102 right now)...

All recent 2.1.x kernel will detect >64 MB of ram unless your bios is

What does cat /proc/meminfo say? (Or the first few lines of dmesg).


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