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SubjectRe: Multiple swap partition uglies (fwd)
Hi Paul.

Not sure who you meant this email to, but it wasnae me who sent the
original. I've forwarded it to linux-kernel so that the original
poster can get a chance to read it...

However, something else has occurred to me regarding this, which needs

>>> sometimes when I'm in Netscape, everything stops while the drive
>>> goes crazy for about 5 minutes. Then any attempt to scroll in the
>>> Netscape window gives you another 5 minutes of drive activity,
>>> during which X is frozen. This looks like the box is thrashing, but
>>> this isn't quite it.

> Here's the problem

>>> There should be memory to spare.

>>> Reason I'm posting is because I think the reason the box locks is
>>> related to my swap setup, I'm using 2 swap partitions, like so.

>>> /dev/hdb1 none swap sw,pri=1
>>> /dev/hda2 none swap sw,pri=1

Hang on - both partitions have been specified as "pri=1" there, and my
understanding was that swap partitions have to have DIFFERENT
priorities - also, on my system, all swap priorities are negative...

>>> After I do swapoff on one of the partitions, the drive goes crazy
>>> for about 5 minutes, and after that, the problem has gone away.

> And this fixes it - proving the problem is not with swap, but
> with having 2 swap partitions at once - you remove one swap drive,
> and the problem goes away.

That would tend to indicate a configuration error - especially since
the system I run that has two swap partitions (with DIFFERENT priority
levels) does NOT suffer from the problem, even though it otherwise
matches the specification given in the original message...

Best wishes from Riley.

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