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    SubjectSB sound modules
    Just a few notes on the sound drivers and modules:

    1. Compiling the sound blaster drivers in 2.1.102 and 2.103 + Alan's
    sound patches results in unresolved symbols when compiled as modules. The
    required symbols are in the 'sound' module and its associated files which do
    not get compiled. This can all be solved if you edit the .config file and add:
    CONFIG_SOUND_OSS=m (as appropriate)
    which gets sound.o compiled with all the appropriate symbols.

    2. CONFIG_SOUND_LOWLEVEL still gets set to 'm' for modular sound drivers.
    Again edit the .config file and change this to 'y'.

    3. Removing (rmmod) unwanted sound modules in the wrong order can muck
    things up a bit (See also Richard A. Nelson's message 'Module deletion
    problems w 2.1.103') causing 'QM_INFO: no such file or directory' errors
    with lsmod. I am not sure if it was a single module that was the cause of the
    troubles but I will investigate further.

    4. With all modules compiled and installed (awe_wave.o gets installed into
    the misc directory rather than the sound directory) I get an error meesage
    along the lines of 'modprobe: not an ELF file' from depmod but everything
    appears to run fine (except rmmod -a, ho-hum). Could this be associated with
    the file modprobe burried in /proc ?

    Have fun,

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