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Subject2.1.103 / 2.1.104pre1 + PR440fx unhappy...
First, 2.1.103 was very happy compiled for an SMP and running on
a single-processor PR440FX.

I upgraded to two processors, and the wonderful spurious APIC
interrupt messages began to appear during the fsck. It still booted,
but it hung after a few minutes of disk-intensive work (compiling
2.1.104pre1). No magic SysRq keys worked; looks like a lockup
inside the kernel. Nothing interesting in /var/log/messages, just
more spurious APIC interrupts.

Then 2.1.104pre1 (built it under an old non-SMP kernel) gave me
the same behavior. During one boot's fsck, I also ran into an Oops
(0000) on a NULL pointer dereference. I haven't been able to reproduce
that to copy it down, however. Caught it when I walked back in the
room, and it scrolled off, still trying to boot.

The amount of disk activity seems to determine how long the machine
stays up, and the unexpected interrupts only seem to appear from
disk accesses. They begin with the fscks... The PR440FX has a
built-in AIC7880 (and everything's the proper length / termination


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