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SubjectWeird(harmless?) IP Masquerade message
        Heya, everyone...

I have started to get these constant messages with IP masquerading, as
I have upgraded to IPCHAINS. I don't think the ipchains program itself is the
cause of it, but nevertheless, this message crop up every minute or so:

IP_MASQ:masq_expire delayed: TCP C0A80102:20B2->C3598163:0015 nlocks-1=0
masq.refcnt-1=2 masq.n_control=1

I've traced the message to the call in net/ipv4/ip_masq.c, but I
haven't had the time yet, to delve into it any further.

Currently, I have a 'typical' IP masquerading setup: 1 box doing the
masquerading via PPP, serving the world to another hidden box, through

The message seems harmless enough, as the setup is still working well.
I'll take a further look into things, and see what I can see.

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