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SubjectRe: Modularized net bridging PATCH against pre-2.1.104-1
From said:
> > How many other modules are there that require modular support to be built
> > into the kernel? I know the PC Speaker does it, and I assumed that was one
> > of the reasons it wasn't accepted.

> I see there no big problem at all, when initializing a hook in
> init_module and setting the hook to NULL in cleanup_module. I like
> that kinds of hooks, and it doesn't make me nervous at all.

> Please give me a simple reason why not to use hooks like this.

No reason. The hooks are fine. But the hooks aren't put in unless you have
CONFIG_BRIDGE_MODULE defined. It's the practice of only putting the hooks in
when you compile the kernel with modular support that I was questioning.
It means that if you decide to add modular support for something, you still
need to recompile the kernel and reboot.

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