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SubjectRe: Tyan 1662D new Award BIOS bugs
J. Maynard Gelinas wrote, concerning a Tyan motherboard:

> Unfortunately, it also seems buggy. My Symbios Logic SCSI
> controller, with the NCR53C8XX driver, gets recognized after POST and
> tests for devices on the SCSI chain. But, no matter what setting I use
> for boot order (SCSI,C,A or C,CDROM,A or what_have_you) the computer
> intermittantly refuses to attempt to boot off of the SCSI controller. So
> I'll get a 'INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ANY KEY' when it attempts to
> boot, and if I press a key repeatedly after a while it will somehow catch
> that the scsi controller wants to boot my primary disk and launch lilo.

Oddly enough, at my work we have precisely the same symptom on a different
motherboard, different bios, different SCSI controller and probably a
different kernel.

In our case: Dell Optiplex with BT-958 SCSI controller and 2.0.32.
Occasionally, the BT-958 will fail to "install" the boot disk into the
BIOS - although it does detect it.

I mention this only in case there's some remote connection between the
two phenomena ...

Grant R. Guenther

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