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    SubjectRe: Why from there?
    On Wed, 13 May 1998, Riley Williams wrote:

    > Hi Michael.
    > >> PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start including the kernel version in the
    > >> base directory in the tarballs !!! I'd much sooner see a tarball
    > >> create the directory "linux-2.1.102" than the directory "linux" !!!
    > > Why is that a big deal worth shouting about? If a person can't
    > > untar a source tree without screwing it up, they need to practice
    > > taring anyway - very soon they'll need this skill to rebuild their
    > > system :)
    > In other words, you don't mind dealing with phantom bug reports caused
    > by somebody untarring a new distribution on top of an old one, then
    > compiling the result and ending up with a mixture of units from the
    > old and new kernels which just don't work together?
    > Personally, I'm of the opinion that Linus and the alpha team probably
    > have enough problems dealing with genuine bugs without having to wade
    > through these phantom ones as well...I know that I'm most certainly in
    > that position...
    > Best wishes from Riley.

    In other words I think that this is a non-argument to a non-problem.

    Actually, I don't mind dealing with such problems. People sometimes
    post things to this list because they _think_ they need guru level
    help. If I know that they don't, and suspect they are likely to
    receive silence (gurus being BUSY folks), I step forward - offline.

    Phantom problems? They're certainly not phantom to the person
    who is experiencing them. Help someone with one of these problems,
    and they become able to help themselves - and may help others.

    I can't recall a single instance of a GURU bitching a newbie out
    for posting to this list. I suspect that they _remember_, and accept
    that they have to dig through some rubble to get to the gold.

    BTW, your mailer is buggy.. it added a public cc to a private mail.


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