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SubjectRe: GRR!! SMP=1 sucks
>>> = Alan Cox
>> = Adam Richter
> = Alan Cox
>>>SMP=1 is upto 10% slower for single CPU
>>>on real tasks and 40% slower on certain FPU/sleep/FPU/sleep patterns
>> Is this situation permanent or just a matter of some tuning
>> needing to be done (e.g, the granularity of some locks needing to be
>> adjusted)? I would hope, for example, that spin locks to do not
>> actually "spin" if there is only one CPU.

>Permanent. The FPU lazy restore doesnt work SMP

I've looked at the arch/i386/kernel/traps.c code, and it looks
like it should be easy to change the "ifdef SMP" checks to "if SMP is
defined and smp_num_cpus > 1", and also to do lazy restores (but not
lazy saves) in the real SMP situations.

I was thinking of changing last_task_used_math into an array
with an element for each processor, but then I thought about the cache
contention that would result since multiple elements of this array
would be bigger than a (32 byte?) cache line. Does anybody know of an
array in the kernel for storing miscellaneous per-cpu data? If not, I
guess I'll create one to hold last_task_used math and the per-CPU stuff
from <linux/kernel_stat.h>, which probably has similar unnecessary
cache contention.

Anyhow, I don't see any fundamental problem that would make
the lazy FPU restore problem permanent.

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