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    SubjectRe: devfs v21 & IDE cdrom
    On Wed, 1 Apr 1998, mlord wrote:

    > Richard Gooch wrote:
    > >
    > > writes:
    > > > One problem with devfs:
    > > >
    > > > The directory /dev/ir should be /dev/ic instead.
    > > >
    > > > "c" stands for "cdrom", not "r".
    > >
    > > I see your point, but the way it is now makes it more like the SCSI
    > > name: /dev/sr/
    > > It would be nice to have consistency between the two. I invite people
    > > to comment.
    > Well, since it is me rather than you who is going to
    > continuously receive an extra 10 or so emails daily
    > from users about this, I'd really rather not have the hassle.
    > For that matter, I think I'd still like to see all the IDE
    > stuff gathered under /dev/ide/, and using real names like
    > disk, tape, cdrom, floppy.
    > Making things a lot easier for the end-user to figure out
    > will limit the support workload increase I anticipate from
    > this rather immensely. (Even to the point where I now think
    > that "ide" is a better name than "ata" for the subdir).
    > Thanks
    > --
    > The Linux IDE guy

    I agree here. I think that easy to use rather then short is
    much more helpful. We can even have things short! Something like:


    or even (heaven forbid):


    And then have _additional_ links elsewhere such as:

    or something.

    If the user is supposed to figure out some coded form like

    there had better be a _damn_ good reason. I don't consider there to
    be such a a compelling reason for the ide bus, since the existing numbering
    scheme /dev/hd[a-f] already uniquely identifies each device. If somebody
    removes /dev/hdc, the device at /dev/hdb doesn't change.

    The reason the scsi scheme is so wierd, convoluted, indecipherable, and
    strange is that with the existing scsi interface, when you remove /dev/sr2
    that /dev/sr1 was getting renamed.

    Lets not impose a unnecessary but compatable "fix" for ide, since ide
    doesn't have the problem that the fix was invented for. I say that we
    use names that are human readable! I really don't want names that are
    short and concise. devfs supports long filenames, right? Lets use them.


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