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    SubjectNFS in 2.1.x: problems with setuid programs

    I'm trying to run the 2.1.89-VGER-CVS980313 on my Red Hat 4.2 based
    Sparc Station 20, and I'm having some problems with NFS and xterm:

    We use root_squashed, NFS mounted home directories here. xterm is
    setuid, so it can change ownership on pty's.

    When I try to run an xterm on my machine, it fails to authenticate
    with the X server, I assume this is because it can't read the
    .Xauthority file in the users home directory. I am using the same
    xterm binary that I used with the 2.0.30 kernel. If I take the setuid
    bit off, it can connect to the display (but I loose security on the

    I assume this is because of some change in the semantics of the nfs
    filesystem in the kernel, with regards to how it deals with uid and

    Has this been fixed in more recent kernels? Is anyone else
    experiencing this problem?


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